Daniel Lambert

Leicester's favourite fat man ... just 52 stone...

Fat Daniel Lambert was so famous that he's now got his very own museum. When he was alive anxious punters would visit him for a cup of tea and a chat - and praise him for his wide girth. His wisdom was so great that he made a living from the people that visited him.

When Leicester's celebrated colossus Daniel Lambert died, the local undertaker had a big problem on his hands - the great man's size! The famed heavy weight weighed a mighty 52st 11lb and was a huge 9ft 4ins around his waist. He was very young when he died, at just 36 years of age with a heart attack in a Stamford hotel whilst on a trip to the races.

In death his weight proved more of a problem than it had in life - a wall had to be demolished to get him out of the room. His coffin was made from 112 square feet of elm and measured 4ft 4ins wide. An enormous ramp was laid into his grave plot, and it took more than 20 men to lower him in.

Fat Dan, as he was called, was born in Leicester in 1770. He was so huge he couldn't sink - and he used to float along the River Soar with children on his stomach.

Lambert worked in the town jail but by the time he was 30 he was too large to carry on. He ended his days adored by the rich and dandy and rented London apartments where people would pay a shilling just to come and see him. The Newarke Houses Museum in Leicester has a display featuring the life of Daniel Lambert