Lady Jane Grey


Queen of England for just nine days, Lady Jane Grey was born in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, and was the great-granddaughter of King Henry VII.

She was daughter of Henry Grey, the Duke of Suffolk, and the 3rd Marquess of Dorset.

When Lady Jane was only 15 years old, England's powerful Lord Chamberlain John Dudley, duke of Northumberland, arranged a marriage for her with his son, Guildford Dudley. The lord chamberlain's purpose was to change, through Lady Jane, the royal succession upon the death of the ailing young King, Edward VI, so that he could continue to control the country through her.

Edward approved the marriage and secured witnesses to a deed declaring Lady Jane his successor. Upon the death of the king, on July 6, 1553, Lady Jane was proclaimed queen, but Edward's half sister, Mary Tudor, contested the succession.

Lady Jane was subsequently imprisoned in the Tower of London. She and her husband were accused of treason, and both were beheaded on February 12, 1554

"Young, beautiful and learned Jane, intent
On knowledge, fount it peace; her vast acquirement
Of goodness was her fall; she was content
With dulcet pleasures, such as calm retirement
Yields to the wise alone; -- her only vice
Was virtue: in obedience to her sire
And lord she died, with them a sacrifice
To their ambition: her own mild desire
Was rather to be happy than be great;
For though at their request, she claimed the crown,
That they through her might rise to rule the state,
Yet the bright diadem and gorgeous throne
She viewed as cares, dimming the dignity
Of her unsullied mind and pur benignity."

by William Hone (1780 -1842)
Inscribed beneath the above portrait of Lady Jane Grey

The Tower of London where Lady Jane Grey was imprisoned LEFT and The Tower Bridge RIGHT

The Chapel where Lady Jane Grey was taken after execution

Bradgate Park

Remains of LadyJaneGrey's House at Bradgate Park



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