Stoney Cove

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Stoney Cove is a disused quarry in Leicestershire that has been used as a dive site since the 60's. It is one of the most popular diver training sites in the UK.

Based just outside Leicester, the quarry has excellent facilites including a well stocked diving shop, Air, toilets, a dive school - and even a pub! The quarry has areas at depth levels that meet the needs for most diver training, and they have been kind enough to place many different items such as a helicopter, plane cockpit - for divers to look at.

The deepest point of the quarry is about 35 meters. The water though, can get very cold in the winter, and this combined with the depth means there have been a number of fatalities from deep water free flows. The site is very busy during the warmer months and the weekends before Easter.




Dive Shop
Changing room / Showers
Snack bar
Bar/ Restaurant
A hyperbaric chamber on site

Main Features:

Sheltered and diveable in almost any weather
Easy to get in and out of the water
Normally good visibility
Depths are useful for drills

Max Depth - 36m
Cost - 4 pounds (weekdays), 5 pounds (weekends)

Opening Times:

Weekends: Until 2pm

Weekdays (better viz): Until 4pm
For night dives: Until 9pm on 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month

Phone Stoney Cove - 01455 273 089


From London head on M1 - to Junction 21.
Onto M69 - take first Junction.
Turn left at this roundabout - Stoney Cove is in Stoney Stanton.

The site is in Leicestershire, just off the Motorway - follow the signs to Stoney Stanton.
OS ref: SP493941 (Landranger sheet 140)

Take junction2 on the M69, Turn East towards Sapcote on the B4669, about a mile down the road (prior to reaching Sapcoat) turn left towards Stoney Stanton. In the village at the junction, turn right along stanton road, and then right again and you will come to the

Parking: Free
Get there early at the weekend to be able to park close to the water. (early can be before 7am)

Fish life is mainly pike, perch and roach, mostly around the edges, with some big perch in places.
A helicopter at 21m (directly in front of the pub, at the bottom of the cliff)
Aircraft cockpit at 7m, with resident pike (in front of the roofed jetty)
VW van at 20m (down the "road" from the aircraft, then turn left)
Landrover near to the helicopter - try 270 from middle of the helicopter
Coach in the depths, 210 from VW van, better to stay at about 18m to keep above the clouds of silt kicked up by bottom-crawlers (You'll hopefully see the coach sticking up out of the 'clouds' )
'Top' Hydrobox at ~20m - follow the rope from the ladder on the most western jetty; 'Bottom' Hydrobox at ~36m - follow the rope down from the top hydrobox
'Oil rig' at ~18m - down the path from the 'plane and turn right, following the wall
Transit Van, Boat, Estate Car at ~20m - on the back wall at the west end of the quarry
'Cessna Plane' at ~20m - on the front wall opposite the Transit Van
Plus: a squashed Commer Van, remains of a Mini, a lawnmower, a wheelbarrow

Stoney Cove quarry in yester-year! (Date of picture unknown)
The bottom level above is the current 20m platform with the road connecting to the 6m platform. The 35m level has not yet been exposed!



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